The safety of our players, coaches, and families remain our first priority.

Twin Boro Football has been closely monitoring guidelines set forth by the State of NJ as well as the NJ State Interscholastic Athletic Association for Return To Play protocols.  Below is a list of some of the measures we will be employing at the start of the season for all players and teams. 

Temperature checks:  Before EVERY practice, we will scan all coaches and players and log results.  Any player or coach with above range temeratures will be dismissed from practice. 

Equipment dissenficeting: After EVERY practice, we will spray down all practice equipment to dissenfect our pads and tackling dummies.

No Player to Player Contact: Until approved by state athletics guidelines, we will not be doing drills that require person to person contact.

Group Sizes:  During practices and warm-ups, we will be working in smaller groups, as directed by state athletics guidelines. 

Face Coverings:  Until guidelines allow otherwise, all coaches will be wearing facemasks or face coverings during practices.  Athletes actively participating in a practice are not required to wear them.

Waiver:  For the safety of our child, their teamates, and families, we are asking all parents to sign a waiver that requires daily monitoring before sending their kids to practice.


Note that this list will be updated as more guidelines are released. If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail us: TWINBOROBEARS@GMAIL.COM